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No More Comparison

Overcoming comparison and stepping into the fullness of your gifting.

I want to share with you a story. When I was 17 a great friend of mine invited me to his church one Sunday night as he was leading a special event service. I was excited to go to support him because he was someone I greatly admired and looked up to. I must preface this by telling you that this guy is an all round great guy. He was the school captain and a great actor who played the lead role in school musicals. He was also sportsman of the year and dux of the school. He was the kind of guy you just wanted to hate because he was so good at EVERYTHING that it made me itch with jealousy. I wanted to dislike the guy, however, he was just too nice, which made it all the more difficult. He was also one of my best friends.

Anyway, this particular evening turned out to be a full debut showcase of him as a musician and musical artist. Throughout the night he played multiple instruments, sang a number of songs he had written and did everything with such excellence. He was everything I wanted to be… only way better. As I sat and watched in the audience, I noticed myself become more and more aware of my inabilities and by the end I was so intimidated and discouraged, that I left the event depressed and feeling totally worthless. Many self defeating thoughts filled my head on the trip home and the following days but then in a single moment the Holy Sprit spoke to me and changed my whole perspective. He said; “Josh, while you are busy looking at He’s got, you are totally missing out on what I’ve given you”. Wow! What a revelation. You see we often do not see the gifting or abilities in our own lives because we focus on the gifts of those around us. And if we do see our own giftings, we can often play them down because of discouragement or comparison. As the years have gone by I have been regularly reminded of those words and have not only seen this struggle in my own life, but in the life of others too. The struggle of comparison, is one of the greatest killers or personal destiny. It is for this reason that I want to encourage you with a few points.

1. Be Aware of your gifts Do you know what your gifts are? What is that unique way you can serve one another? Whatever it is, be aware of your passions, interest and desires. After all, God gave you them to you as a gift to be a blessing. 2. Beware of comparison Do not compare what you have to others. You will never do what others can do, and they will never be able to do what you can do. Embrace the uniqueness of who you are. Remember, while you are looking at someone else’s gifting, you are not looking at what the Lord has given you. 3. Use your gifts NOW! If you have a gifting of music, don’t wait for the global platform. Use it in your local church or to lead and bless others in small groups. If you have a gift of hospitality, don’t wait for the big fancy house, but use the one you have to welcome and bless people today. Whatever you have to give, use it now no matter how small or insignificant it may feel. It will always have an impact. 4. Be unapologetic Do not make excuses as to why you cannot use your gifting. Yes, there is someone more talented. Yes, there is someone more anointed. Yes, you still have a lot to learn and yes, you will probably made mistakes along the way. But whatever you, do not let any of those excuses stop you from stepping out. No more excuses. 5. Your gifts are NOT for you. No matter what the gifting, always remember that it was never designed for selfish gain. Of course there is fulfilment in operating as we were designed, but remember that our gifts are always for the benefit of others. How can you encourage and serve others with your gifts today? 6. Do all for the Glory of God. In what ever you do, do all for the glory of God. (1 Cor 10:31). If you do whatever you do with the intention to bless, God will bless what you are doing. Pray this prayer with me. “Father. I thank you for the gifts you’ve given me. Yes, I am grateful for them and I will use them to the best of my abilities. No more excuses! No more comparison! I will be unapologetic about using my gifts and I will use them to bring you glory and expand your kingdom. Amen".

Now go and do something excellent! Blessings Josh.

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